PME diploma courses are internationally recognised awards. They are designed specifically for those who enjoy making and decorating cakes, whether it’s for a commercial business or just for friends and family.

During each PME course you will have fun and guidance, as well as learning and developing new skills. You will leave with an official qualification!

PME diploma courses are separated into 3 modules: Royal Icing and Piping, Sugarpaste and Sugar Flowers. You do not have to complete all 3 modules!

With each course you will get the usual course guides, a PME apron, course set essentials worth £50 and a certificate! Or… If you buy all 3 courses you will get all the above and an extra 3 gifts worth over £50, which consists of a PME tilting turntable, a PME veining board and a set of 3 PME dove cutters. Lunch, snacks and drinks are available too.

New for 2017 PME National Diploma Intense Courses.

Instead of for completing your course in five or seven weeks.

Why not book one of theses and have it completed within four days.

Each intense course is £310 and includes a 10% discount off all additional products purchased in store throughout the duration of your course.

Five or Seven week courses are £285. If you are booking a single course we do require a non-refundable deposit of £50. If you are booking all 3 courses then we do require a non-refundable deposit of £100.

NEW FOR 2017 PME Diploma Intense Courses £310 we do require a £75 non refundable deposit.

Instore discounts: 

Discounts are available during the duration of your course in store only. 

Single courses 5% discount on all purchases instore .

All three Courses booked 10% discount on all purchases instore. 

Intense PME Courses 10% discount on all purchases instore. 

Please contact Iced Yorkshire for payment plans available.

Below are the details and dates of each course. Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

PME Professional Diploma Courses

This course covers the following topics & techniques:
  • Basic techniques
  • Unwired and wired flowers
  • Fantasy and traditional flowers
  • Alternatives to sugar flowers
  • Arranging sugar flowers
  • Decorating cake stands
  • Pricing

This course covers the following topics & techniques:
    • Basic techniques
    • Coating, crimping and embossing
    • Fabric effects, textured drapes, frills and ribbons
    • Bows and sugar embroidery
    • Modelling fun figures
    • Textures, inlay and applique
    • Basic cake carving
    • Stacked cake, design and handling
    • Designing celebration cakes
    • Colour balance
    • Basic business guidelines
    • Copyright and license

This course covers the following topics & techniques:
  • Basic techniques
  • Coating, templates and scroll borders
  • Run out/colourflow collars and motifs
  • Extension borders and lace designs
  • Brush embroidery
  • Cake balance and multi-tiered cakes
  • Packaging, transport and delivery costs
  • Pricing guidelines
  • Assembly and presentation

* Please read our Cancellation Policy before purchasing any of our PME Diploma Courses